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Homer Stinnett is a fourth generation American senior citizen and a freelance information systems analyst/computer programmer by trade.

Long interested in socioeconomics and geopolitics, Mr. Stinnett has posted volumes in online discussions for nearly two decades, themed by a desire to activate the essentially silent majority at the center of the political spectrum to create balance and stability in the American political process and prosperity for the American people.

Great Recession related adversities associated with an economically struggling and dwindling domestic client base have in the past cost Mr. Stinnett his living-wage income, his retirement, and, at one time, his home.

Mr. Stinnett has met many Americans in similar straits along the way, all who are wondering why no one in power is really doing anything to address the causative problems and revitalize the American domestic economy to the degree they may be able to reverse their plight.

Thus, now sufficiently motivated to take a major risk, he has created this modest website in the hope of obtaining political power and economic prosperity for all Americans, and to help keep a roof over his head in the process.

Q & A with Homer Stinnett, September, 1, 2016

Q: What is the Powerful American Political Alliance website?

A: "Powerful American Political Alliance is a new website whose function is to assemble the unified voting booth power of a very large bloc of American citizens sufficient to compel candidates and elected officials, under threat of election defeat or impeachment, to solve lingering painful economic problems and thus create long overdue opportunities for economic prosperity for all Americans."

Q: So what is the situation regarding the problems that need to be solved?

A: "For decades, the buying power of the average American gradually eroded as government officials of all political persuasions fell far short of providing for our common economic defense.  Now, seven years after the inevitable Great Recession plunged so many of us into its abyss, scores of millions of Americans are still struggling to ascend the ladder of prosperity, with record numbers of hungry and homeless children, parents and grandparents a sad legacy to the past lack of attention paid by government officials to the complete resolution of the causative problems.  These problems must be solved and without further excusive delay.”

Q: What distinguishes your effort from other citizens' sites?

A: "Our website is not affiliated with any government entity or other organization.  It differs from other citizens' member sites by being neither left or right wing ideologically, instead featuring a uniquely mainstream, centrist presentation offering intelligently crafted pragmatic solutions to chronic economic problems which government officials can implement, thereby appealing to the great majority of Americans, especially those who struggle with these painful economic problems every day."

Q: Your website actually addresses solutions to these problems?

A: “Yes, we’ve focused great effort in creating common sense viable changes to our socioeconomic system to resolve the individual economic problems long suffered by us average Americans.  All our elected officials need to do now is simply implement these solutions.”

Q: Do these solutions require that we change our socioeconomic system to something more socialist or fascist?

A: "No, all of these changes can be integrated into our current capitalist system without compromising it to be any less capitalist."

Q: If you're able to solve these problems, why haven't government officials previously done so?

A: "Today’s political parties have failed to remain relevant to the governing task that matters most to Americans, that of creating policies which truly facilitate opportunities for economic prosperity for those struggling to achieve and maintain it and without eliminating the prosperity of any one person or class of people.  Anymore, political parties and their candidates offer little to nothing in the way of real and fair economic solutions to the dire problems so many of us suffer attendant to being unable to secure or comfortably retain a living wage private sector job or run a business.  They’ve simply fallen out of touch with the vast majority of mainstream Americans.”

Q: Yes, but why have the past government officials failed in this task?

A: "It's a combination of reasons: two-party stalemate, special interest lobbyists, foreign influence, unqualified candidates, the money-power aspect of politics as usual -- all play a role in causing government officials to take their eye off the needs of their electorate.  Hopefully our website will cause them to refocus on us Americans who went to the voting booth and put them in office in the first place, those of us who can just as easily remove them from office by similar due process."

Q: You're a virtual unknown in the political arena.  What qualifies you to present authoritatively as you've done here?

A: "Making life economically better for all Americans has been a passion of mine for decades, and I've written volumes over the years in anonymous discussion panels.  My background in information systems transfers smoothly to political systems which I've studied in depth.  I'm a pretty smart guy, I'm knowledgeable, and I care .. and I have the courage now to give this a shot."

Q: Can your citizens' website really do something about ineffectual government officials?

A: “History clearly teaches that we Americans must unite in powerful strength, during elections, and every day in between, if we are to generate sufficient pressure to persuade our government officials to make necessary prosperity-facilitating changes to our socioeconomic system.  I have created our website as a vehicle to that end.  Without an active mainstream citizen's alliance holding politicians to the task, our economic problems will most likely remain unresolved and grow worse."

Q: Which issues do you address?

A: "Our website concentrates on issues that are predominantly economic, and we have no typically political position on social issues other than keeping kids safe from drugs and as it relates to managing our population numbers.  In fact, we chastise candidates and government officials who focus mostly on social issues during campaigning via their divisive rhetoric that carves Americans into social-issue segments at the expense of our allied power to effect economic change. "

Q: So candidates can actually distract voters from paying attention to their economic issue needs?

A: "Too many candidates cynically pander to our emotions for votes, manipulatively exploiting our unresolved childhood hurts via social issue diatribes left and right about race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and the like that simply do not address our priority economic needs.  Our website admonishes people to stay focused on their economic issue priorities and not fall prey to social issue rhetoric that could disrupt our ability to achieve our American dream of economic prosperity.”

Q: Your website has no position on typical social issues?

A: "That's right.  When it comes to the basic social issue calibrators of abortion, drugs, gender, guns, race, religion, and sexual orientation, we present what they are, but we don't present a position or take sides on these issues.  Our focus is strictly on economic matters."

Q: Some of things your site addresses include a need for renewed patriotism and population management.  Aren't these social issues?

A: "Our nation's loss of patriotic sentiment over time is a foundational problem that's subtly but directly caused major economic harm to the livelihoods of our fellow Americans -- that's an attitude matter, not what we know as a typical social issue today.  And managing our population to resource ratio is all about the economics of materials management, to which our lack of attention over time has us now facing painful living conditions and a looming state of economic emergency."

Q: Your website's public section is an eloquent read, like a small paperback on politics.  Why did you choose that format which is a bit unusual for websites?

A: "I wanted to provide the reader with a clear informative presentation that would also inspire hope even in the face of what some say is one of the most dismal candidate selection years.  I’ve been told the website is the political “book” of this election year, so I have faith that we will be able to achieve our goal.”

Q: Can you name some "dismal" candidates?

A: "No.  We don't present opinion about specific candidates during an election.  The only reference we provide to candidates and current office-holders by name is if they've endorsed us and the things they've done in office to either support or oppose our desired systemic changes."

Q: But what about you, just your opinion on who's worth voting for and who isn't?

A: "Nope, sorry.  The microphone is in front of my face because of this website and for no other reason.  I need to stay true to our alliance's policies in my presentations that arise from my association with it."

Q: Does your website endorse any candidates or government officials?

A: "No, not a one.  If they want our votes, they must endorse us, not the other way around, and they have to perform to our satisfaction in implementing our problem solutions.”

Q: The website presents some numerical statistics, but without citing references with footnotes.  Why?

A: "All the historical information cited is true and easily found in an internet search.  I wanted the read to flow like a speech in political opinion style and compare to a candidate's website, esthetically uninterrupted with links to footnotes and the like.  Indeed, I'd put our site up over any candidate's website when it comes to telling it all clear and straight."

Q: So did you ever think of running for office yourself?

A:"I guess that's a legitimate question.  No, I'm an analyst, more the creative type, and although I have a desire to be of service and I'm not a bad public speaker, I simply lack the tactical legal experience and the administrative temperament necessary to do a good job as a governing official.

Q: Who can become a member of your website and how much does it cost?

A: "Membership in the website is offered to American citizens of voting age and eligibility and costs $5.00 per person for the current period ending June 30, 2018."

Q: What happens to memberships at the end of 6/30/18?

A: "We'll clear our membership files and start a new membership campaign.  This keeps our numbers accurate in time and tells government officials we remain a force to be reckoned with."

Q: Do you have any other funding source besides memberships?

A: "No, just the membership costs.  This keeps us truly a website of American citizens, all who pay the same amount for a membership, so no one will ever attempt to peddle influence our way with large sums of money."

Q: What do you do with the money you collect from memberships?

A: "Money collected by the website is dedicated solely to keeping the website functioning optimally in furtherance of its goal and is not donated to any candidate, government official, or political organization."

Q: Do you and those you have working with you to keep the website functioning get paid from membership money?

A:  "Yes.  I've lost my savings and been homeless, and I'm hoping this endeavor will also help me keep a roof over my head here in my senior years.  No one here, however, will be paid an obscene sum.  The great majority of the money will be spent on making this site work for Americans as designed."

Q: This is a private sector venture, though, is it not?

A: "Yes, which allows us greater freedom in accomplishing our goal.  Maybe one day we might transition to a non-profit organization, should that be in the best interest of our goal.  We'll see what the future holds."

Q: Where are you based?

A: "We're a website, and thus completely virtual, though we're registered in Orange, California."

Q: What's in the members section of the website?

A: "The website’s membership section provides information about membership numbers, government officials who have endorsed support for the alliance, and activities members can perform to help the website achieve its goal.  Those who join the website will also be able to earn straight commission money by finding new members who join the website on their recommendation."

Q: So your members can really earn money finding new members?

A: “Yes.  Compelling politicians to work on our economic behalf and earning money doing so – it’s a win-win scenario for all Americans!”

Q: What will your website do after the 2016 general election this November?

A: "No matter who wins national, state, and local elections this November, the Powerful American Political Alliance website plans to be positioned to exert pressure on government officials throughout the years to do their job in the best interest of the individual economies of American citizens."

Q: So your work doesn't stop with candidates and the election?

A: "Absolutely not.  We will be here every day letting our members know who is working on our behalf and deserves our votes and who isn’t supportive and thus doesn’t deserve to remain in office, thereby telling government officials that you’re either for your fellow Americans’ economic prosperity or you’re out of a job."

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