Welcome to the home page of the Powerful American Political Alliance website.

The function of this website is to unite American citizens, via membership in this website, and in sufficient number to compel elected government officials to stop succumbing to foreign and domestic special interests and instead focus on solving prosperity-inhibiting socioeconomic problems in America to thereby facilitate opportunities for economic prosperity for all U.S. citizens. 

We who have joined this website are U.S. citizens from all walks of American life and economic strata, who recognize there are serious lingering socioeconomic problems in America today, that are not the fault of any one person, class or political ideology, but that greatly adversely affect the ability of scores of millions of our fellow Americans to economically thrive and even survive, and we have compassionately united here in an intelligent attempt to obtain the necessary political power to compel elected officials to soon correct these problems and thereby create opportunity for us all to achieve economic prosperity.

If you are an American citizen who is suffering economically to some degree and you are frustrated by the continued lack of concern and attention by political officials to address and solve the systemic causative problems, now is your chance to be counted among those like you who have had it with do-nothing politicians and demand that remedial action be taken now.

If you are an American citizen who is tired of political attention being directed unjustifiably abroad or toward comparatively irrelevant domestic matters while American families suffer economically more each day and the number of our own children who are hungry is in the tens of millions and continuing to rise, now you can tell your elected politicians that we do not wish to continually import third-world poverty conditions into our country and to get their eyes back onto America and solve our problems to thereby increase American economic prosperity.

If you are an American citizen who is turned off by politically extreme organizations that purport to want to solve America's problems but really want to vengefully exact penalty upon one class of Americans or another, now you can become a part of a truly mainstream American alliance that seeks only to provide opportunities for prosperity to all Americans, to make America strong again, and without doing prosperity-eliminating harm to any American or class of Americans.

If you are an American citizen who is a member of a political affiliation and you are frustrated with their lack of success in solving these serious economic problems, now is your opportunity to additionally join an alliance that has the very real potential to command attention to the resolution of these problems very soon.

And if you are an everyday American citizen who has ever felt that you have been denied a real voice in the American political process, now you can speak together in mainstream unison with those like yourself in a manner where your voice in participation will be heard loud and clear. 

Thus if you are an American citizen of voting age and eligibility, we do indeed exhort you to join us in this courageous alliance by becoming a member of our website, and together we will work to create opportunities for all American citizens to have a roof over their head, working a secure living-wage job, eating well, providing for their family's future, and becoming economically prosperous, thereby getting America back on track as the nation leading the way for the rest of the world.

Again, our specific purpose is to form an alliance of American citizens united by our resolve to make major prosperity-creating improvements to our socioeconomic system (improvements presented herein), an alliance that will empower us with a strong unified voice via this website to command the attention of candidates running for office, thereby compelling vote-seeking government leaders to commit to making the necessary effort to soon implement these improvements to our socioeconomic system, improvements that will provide opportunities for prosperity to the scores of millions of politically frustrated Americans yet to be completely included in the recovery from the Great Recession that technically ended over six years ago.

Our immediate goal is to find at least ten million Americans to join us and become members of this website, who as members thereby signify their endorsement of our alliance and the desired improvements to our socioeconomic system, thus creating a powerfully large election-changing bloc of voters, the presence of which will motivate serious candidates running for national, state, and local office in 2016 to prominently present and commit to the following statement on their campaign website and in their speeches:

"I completely support the Powerful American Political Alliance".

Those candidates who make this statement, clearly presenting they are committed to supporting the making of these improvements during their term in office, will thereby identify themselves as vote-worthy candidates to those of us who not only have been more than patient in waiting for our opportunity for prosperity to arrive but also to those of us who are tired of seeing our fellow Americans suffer through no real fault of their own, thus greatly increasing these candidates' chances of being elected over their opponents who don't truly support us.

The Powerful American Political Alliance website is a private American venture of, by, and for American citizens of voting age and eligibility, best described as an interactive webbook club.  We are not a political party, a political action committee, or a political candidate committee, neither are we affiliated with any political party, committee, or government agency nor aligned with a preexisting political ideology or a part of any other organization.

We who participate in this venture come from all walks of American life and affiliations, courageously allied solely by our desire and commitment to create opportunity for prosperity, for ourselves and all our fellow American citizens, opportunity that has been denied by either the Great Recession or related causal or subsequent policies and events, and to so obtain this opportunity for prosperity without causing any harm or drastic change to our country or its basic socioeconomic structure.

If we can obtain the desired number of Americans to participate in this process by the time the election primaries are concluding in early 2016, we believe we will have a sufficiently powerful influence in the November, 2016, general election to make the positive difference we desire.

We will also be here to monitor elected officials after the election is over, insuring that those who committed to support us will keep their promise, and we will reevaluate our progress and repeat this effort as necessary for the 2018 election year and beyond, until our purpose is fulfilled.

We ask you to join us in our process of political self-empowerment so that we the people can effectively participate in the constitutionally authorized task of assembling and speaking freely in our valiant effort to obtain economic prosperity for all of us Americans and our families.

To participate, please read the pages referenced in the menu items at the top, in sequence from left to right, joining us as a member of this website at the end of your read, and then spread the word of this website to other Americans.  Once you become a member, then if you also wish to become an affiliate of our website, you can receive a commission for new members you refer who join our website while viewing our website through your affiliate link that you provide them, your reward for helping our website grow strong and fast.

Together, in sufficient numbers, we can indeed make a major positive difference for us all.

We greatly thank you for your time and your participation.

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